XOSkeleton Generation I Superlative Limited Edition

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XOSkeleton Generation I Superlative Limited Edition

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NEW OLD STOCK GENERATION ONE XO SKELETON SUPERLATIVES! This may take a bit to delve into so please bear with us. First of all, we are lucky to get these. To our knowledge this is the ONLY quantity not in private collections. They are literally out of the storage safe and there will be some light “shop wear”. But that is to be expected since these examples are over a decade old. The engraved back is 316L but the case is 904L (the steel used by Rolex) and is tagged as such. Given the immense amount of steel, one might think it would be top heavy. But it is not due to the fact that the designer was not only an artist but also a scientist. This is so well balanced that you can place it top side down on a glass or similar surface and it will spin like a top.

Speaking of glass, the crystal is custom domed sapphire (pretty much everything in this build is custom) that is multi-coated for glare resistance and UV resistance. Let’s discuss that second point; the UV resistance is crucial not only because it will protect the dial against damaging sun rays, but also because it keeps some UV rays IN! What can that mean? Enter some patented technology. Take a look at the center of the crystal and you’ll see the silhouette of a lightbulb. On the underside of that black image are two LED’s. One generates a visible color while the other is a long wave UV black light! It is this light energy that the custom UV treatment is designed to trap. When triggered by the button on the side of the cuff, it will start a cycle of both color and black light that will blow up the Super Luminova’s intensity. But wait! look again. How can the LED’s receive power? There are two almost invisible feeds built onto the sapphire that powers them on command.

Among the aesthetic features XOSkeleton is known for, especially in Gen I and II, is the precise micro-writing decoration and this piece beautifully exhibits that trait as well. Each is a numbered limited edition. The finished time piece is tested to 10 ATM water resistance and presented on a 7 piece multi-link 9” bracelet with deployant clasp. The MSRP (again the original tags are on the watch) is $1349.00. Through TAW you may reserve either light or dark dial for just $399.99, shipping included! PLUS, you’ll be upgraded into a luxury presentation box! PLUS fresh batteries will be installed before it ships and all functions tested to work perfectly! It’s highly unlikely we’ll locate more of these in this condition so please act quickly!

Tim did a quick walkthrough of the XOSkeleton Generation I Superlative in an effort to show off the features and functionalities of the watch as well as answer any outstanding questions that folks may have. Please do take a look at this short video.

Talk About Watches Live – XOSkeleton Generation I Superlative Walkthrough

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