Von Dutch Kobra Chronograph

When we originally presented the Von Dutch Kobra Chronograph, it literally flew out the door and sold out VERY quickly. After a few months of being sold out, we have managed to get our hands on just a few more. We do not know if we will ever be able to get more of them in stock. We don’t anticipate that we will. PLEASE! Act quickly on this one before it sells out again!

What’s Mike’s Deal?

Von Dutch Kobra Chronograph

Talk About Watches

Part of the fun of presenting watches is delving into the eclectic. There’s a great history of outrageous in the high end (Alain Silberstein as an example) and it certainly illustrates that you don’t have to always wear something from the same mold. It’s fun to be individual, especially when you can do it at this kind of a price break.

The Von Dutch Kobra is of course unusual. Everything about this watch is unusual except for the movement, which is a Swiss ETA chronograph with quickset date. The case is 42mm but given the diamond shape modeled after a motorcycle gas tank it will play a bit larger. Handset screwed in back. The crystal is an exceptionally domed sapphire which is expensive to create. The black dial contrasts the silver and bright red accents with the Von Dutch “eye in the sky” showing at the 8 position. Of course part of the showcase is the ornamental grill, also crafted in stainless steel. The finished work is presented on a solid link custom 8” bracelet designed to mimic a motorcycle chain and the timepiece is tested to 100m water resistant; which is a bit of a standout in an exotic case.

The MSRP is $3,025.00 (like we said earlier, aimed at higher end). The great news is we’ve located a cache of these brand new including the tags and are making them available for just $229.00, with shipping included! Go ahead; be outlandish and do it at 90% off!

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