FLASH SALE: Traser P96 Outdoor Pioneer

The price that you see the Traser P96 Outdoor Pioneer listed for is NOT the price you will pay for it! We have secured a very special discount for this watch (and the silicon strap version). However, we cannot advertise that price publicly. We have to do a coupon code and we are only able to provide this to you via our email list. If you are not on our email list, please you the form below to subscribe. If you are already a subscriber, then please do check your email for the coupon code that will allow you to get the lowest price we have ever seen on the P96 Outdoor Pioneer.

Traser P96 Outdoor Pioneer NATO or Silicon

Talk About Watches

Traser is more than just a watch with tritium tubes, though that in and of itself is very cool. Traser stands apart by being the watch actually built by mb-microtech, the company that invented and holds the patent on the tritium tubes, those magical tiny luminous glass tubes that glow always and decorate selected higher end sport watch dials. This Outdoor Pioneer model is a healthy 44mm case, built in a combination of glass fibre reinforced polyamide and 316L steel. Lightweight (as active watches should be) at just 61g, it is tested to 200m water resistant, with K1 durable scratch resistant crystal inside a unidirectional bezel. The tritium tubes on this model will feature green and orange coloring, and you choose from either silicon or NATO style 22mm straps.

Tracer is very protective of their pricing which is why this deal must be done with coupon. Please note that there is a unique offer for the silicon and another for the NATO style. We spoke personally with a senior officer of Traser and are confident in saying that anyone acting on this TAW Flash is getting the best deal out there on this watch! But act quick because as with all Flashes, once quantity or time limit is reached the deal is gone!

Due to the special nature of the Flash Sale for the Traser Outdoor Pioneer, we absolutely CANNOT run it for any longer than the three (3) days that the Flash Sale runs for. No extra time, no “overtime”, nothing. At the end of the 72 hours, the watch will still be available, but it will go up in price to what you see it listed for on every other web store on the interwebs. You MUST act before the timer below hits zero. And, just to mention it once again because it is so important, to get the coupon code necessary to unlock the discount available to you, you must be on our email list. You can subscribe using the form located towards the bottom of this page.


As a “sister brand” to mb-microtec, the lume on all Swiss Made Traser watches come from the use of tritium gas tubes. The company mb-microtec is the only worldwide manufacturer of this unique watch illumination technology. Their Trigalight gas tubes are tiny glass tubes which are coated on the inner side with a thin layer of phosphor powder, then filled with a minute amount of tritium gas and sealed airtight. Once the phosphor powder is exposed to the electrons from the tritium gas, it excites the phosphor to emit light in different colors. The light is visible in both low light and complete darkness. However, they do work best in lower light situations. The Trigalight tubes do come with a 10 year guarantee and, based on the way the process works, should last in excess of 20 years with no outside or external power source.

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Stephen Knight

Surprised that TAW deal on Traser watches did not mention type / model of movement. Read the announcement twice. Sorry if I missed it…

Michael Davis

Stephen, it is there. When you go to either product page for the watch (the silicon or NATO), you will see three (3) tabs there. There is one labelled “Product Features” and all of the specs for the watch are there. In this case, it is a Swiss Made Ronda 515 quartz movement. Don’t hesitate to let us know of you need anything else and we hope you are able to snag one.

Tim Lester

My first Tritium tube watch. Can not believe how lite the whole watch is with the composite case. Love this watch way more value than paid.