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INDUSTRY NEWS: Bell & Ross BR-X2 Skeleton Micro-Rotor Tourbillon Limited Edition

The Bell & Ross BR-X2 Skeleton Micro-Rotor Tourbillon Limited Edition is the latest edition in the BR-X2 "Experimental" collection that was released last year. The showcase here is the BR-CAL 381 micro-rotor automatic flying tourbillon (developed in conjunction with MHC Manufacture Haute Complication). The main design concept behing the BR-X2 Skeleton Micro-Rotor Tourbillon is to do away with the traditional three (3) part case configuration and instead have the case and movement form a single element. Bell & Ross has done this beautifully. We have all of the information you need here.

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What’s Mike’s Deal? – Stuhrling Original Devilray Tourbillon

Stuhrling Original is certainly a brand that is known for their implementations of the tourbillon movement. In the case of the Devilray, they have taken the traditional and, usually, more dress look in a different direction. Via the case design, dial design and slightly enlarged case diameter, the tourbillon is now presented in a more modern and a wearable design for many. In the deal that Tim and Michael have been able to negotiate, you are getting almost half off the normal asking price of the Devilray. As is almost always the case, the odds are that you won't see this pricing on the Devilray again. If you have held off of adding a tourbillon to your collection because the dressier styles are not for you, then this is a timepiece that deserves some serious consideration!

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Stuhrling Original Orbit Meteorite Tourbillon

When it comes to watch collecting, for many of us, there are two "grail worthy" options that are very much sought after. One is a meteorite dial (one very well know brand charges thousands just for this!) and another is a tourbillon movement (if you don't know, a Swiss tourbillon will run you $50K and more!). Now, and for a very short time, we have a stunning timepiece in two different options that gives you BOTH of these grail worthy options! Not only that, we are able to bring just a handful of these Stuhrling Originals to you at the lowest price we can find. If either of these needs to be in your collection, you will need to act quickly!

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Croton 140th Anniversary Limited Edition Tourbillon

We’ve just been contacted by Croton with an exiting offer for a single collector. This tourbillon was built to honor their 140th anniversary and is visually spectacular both front and back. It’s important that we emphasize that this is the only one not in a private collection, as the collection otherwise sold out during an event coinciding with the anniversary. We know from speaking directly to the CEO of Croton that this piece was individually hand finished, and if you consider the exceptional detail enjoyed both obverse and reverse you realize to what extent.

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HALF TIME SALE: Stuhrling Original Orbit Meteorite Tourbillon

If you’re gonna play during the big game you must bring the big guns and we surely have with this! Meet a Stuhrling build containing not one but two grails! Behold a tourbillon and meteorite dial together. 43mm 316L steel case in your choice of finish. Sapphire crystal front and back (because you’re going to want to show off the decorated 93301 mechanical movement). The finished work is tested to 3 ATM water resistance and presented on genuine lizard strap. The asymmetry of the meteorite dial is especially eye catching with the exposed mechanical tourbillon complication presented at the 4 position instead of the traditional 6.

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What’s Mike’s Deal? – Stuhrling Original Tourbillon Meteorite Limited Edition

We are extremely happy to be launching a new special offering to you and hope that you are able to take advantage of it. With this Stuhrling Original timepiece, you are able to get two of the most expensive and sought after components of a timepiece. A true tourbillon movement and a genuine meteorite dial. This number limited edition is, in our opinion, one the the best and most affordable means of getting both the tourbillon and meteorite into your collection. However, there is literally single digits of each available to you and once gone will never be available again.

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