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LIVE SHOW: Renato Moonphase and XOSkeleton P-51 Mustang (REPLAY POSTED!)

Welcome to the Talk About Watches Live streaming show page! We do very much hope that you will be able to join us live on Friday (03/16/18) at 10pm EST! Tim is going to be presenting some incredible deals. The first is on the Renato Master Horologe Martin Braun Moonphase Automatic. We have the charcoal gray dial, silver tone case and black strap. This is going to be the lowest price EVER seen on this amazing and grail worthy timepiece. Also available is the XOSkeleton DNA Retro P-51 Mustang. There are four (4) color options available and you can pick up any of them for a crazy low price. However, as a second option, we have even further discounted pricing for those of you that want to pick up all four at one time and get a mini watch collection in one swoop. We hope that you can tune in live with us. If not, a video replay of the show will be posted here as quickly as we can make that happen.

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LIVE SHOW: DeltaT and Meccanica Grezza (REPLAY POSTED)

We hope that you will join us for the next edition of Talk About Watches Live! The show will begin at 10pm EST (Friday, 03/09/18) and will be live on the Talk About Watches Facebook page (info below). Tim's special guest will be Craig Hester. Together, they will be presenting two brands that you may not be familiar with.  DELTAt and Meccanica Grezza. Both are amazing brands that you should be aware of and you can get a sneak peek of the watches that will be available by scrolling down. Please do note that pricing will not be available until just before the show starts (except for the 20 watch exotic wood collector box). If you can't join us live, we will be posting a replay of the show here as quickly as we are able to.

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LIVE SHOW: Alexander Nikos Valjoux 7750 and 20 Watch Exotic Collector Box (REPLAY POSTED)

Tim will be flying solo on 03/02/17 at 10pm EST and presenting two great deals. The first is the 20 watch exotic collector box. Absolutely visually stunning and we have two (2) great options for you. One is just for the single box and the other is for two (2) boxes and even more savings when you utilize it. The second great deal is on the extremely unique Alexander Nikos Valjoux 7750. We have the absolute lowest price ever seen on this eye catching sport chronograph. The pricing on the 20 watch collector box will not change and is ready to go now. The pricing for the Alexander Nikos will change to show pricing just before the live streaming show starts. We hope you can join us live. If you can't, a replay will be posted here as quickly as we are able to get it loaded to the cloud for you.

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LIVE SHOW: Aggregate Watches with Jonathan Thai and Mike Yim (Replay Posted)

Join Tim Temple and his special guests Jonathan Thai and Mike Yim...the co-founders of Aggregate Watches...on Friday, 02/23/18 at 10pm Eastern. During the show, they will take you on a full tour of their incredible Masonic line of watches that feature a very unique concrete dial and bezel. During the show, we will have extremely low and not seen before pricing on the entire Masonic line. We do hope you'll tune in! A full replay will be posted on Talk About Watches after the show is over.

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LIVE SHOW: Vostok-Europe With Craig Hester (REPLAY POSTED)

We hope you will join us for the next episode of Talk About Watches Live as our friend Craig Hester will be joining Tim Temple Friday, 02/16/18 at 10pm EST. They will be bringing you more great deals on Vostok-Europe timepiece. The show will be done live on the Talk About Watches Facebook page. The link and further details are inside of this post, so please do have a look. This post will also serve as your one location for all of the information that you need as it happens. If you miss the show or cannot watch, the show live, we will be posting the replay here as quickly as we are able to. Once the show goes live, you can also visit this post and make the purchase of any of the timepieces that you are interested in.

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LIVE SHOW: XOSkeleton and Watchstar with Avi Vieira (02/06/18)

Welcome to the Talk About Watches Live page! The show will begin on the Talk About Watches Facebook page (link below) at 10pm EST on 02/06/18. Tim's very special guest will be Avi Vieira and they will be presenting a number of great deals for you on XOSkeleton products. Products for purchase will be available on this page once the show starts. A replay of the live show will also be available below as quickly as we are able to get it processed and uploaded to the interwebs.

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