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LIVE SHOW: Stuhrling Original with Larry Magen (REPLAY POSTED!)

*** LIVE NOW: We are happy to announce the next Talk About Watches Facebook Live show! It will be held on Friday evening, 01/26/18 at 10pm EST. Tim's guest is a name that many of you will know...Larry Magen! Together they will be talking Stuhrling Original watches and presenting several incredible deals on their stunning timepieces. This posting will be your "one stop shop" for information, watching the replay and purchasing items from the live show. All of the information you need will be here and you should check back often as well as subscribe to your email notification list so that you do not miss out on anything!

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LIVE SHOW REPLAY: 01/19/18 (Replay Posted)

We do hope that you will join us for our live show on Facebook Live! If you are not able to, we will post the replay of the show here as quickly as we can. The products that our guest Craig Hester is bringing to the show are available during the live show (now). We can't guarantee how long they will last, so please make sure that you get your order in quickly!

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Facebook Live Beta Test

On Saturday, 11/11/17, Michael did a quick and unscheduled test of some new software for doing a Facebook Live streaming show as a part of our ongoing beta testing to find the right platforms for our upcoming live shows. It did go well and there were many lessons learned on this side. We are presenting it here for those that have an interest in checking it out. Feedback is most welcome!

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