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NEWS: Pramzius Launches Kickstarter For Berlin Wall Watch

Talk About Watches is very happy to be able to report that the watch brand Pramzius has launched their Kickstarter campaign for the much anticipated "Berlin Wall" timepiece as a follow up to their debut watch the Trans Siberian. For those that don't know, Pramzius is a brand that is owned and founded by our very good friend Craig Hester. Craig is a long time friend of both Tim and Michael and he has also been a long time supported of Talk About Watches and what we are trying to do with our site. Unlike many in the watch industry, Craig is not a guy trying to make money off of watches. He is a true watch guy that just happens to be able to make his living from this passion for timepieces that we all share. We fully recommend and endorse Craig personally, the Pramzius watch brand and this stunning new Berlin Wall timepiece. And, we also encourage everyone to support him on Kickstarter and be a part of introducing this stunning timepiece to the world.

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SITE NEWS: Pramzius Joins Talk About Watches!

Tim, Michael and the entire Talk About Watches team is very please to be able to announce that the watch brand Pramzius has officially joined our ever growing family of watch brands! With this, they become the 18th watch brand and 22nd brand overall to be a part of our team and represented on Talk About Watches! We can't wait for all of the exciting things to come from Craig Hester (the owner and designer of Pramzius). Everything that you need to know about the brand is available here...including the much anticipated Berlin Wall timepiece that will be out soon. Welcome Craig!

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LIVE SHOW REPLAY: 01/19/18 (Replay Posted)

We do hope that you will join us for our live show on Facebook Live! If you are not able to, we will post the replay of the show here as quickly as we can. The products that our guest Craig Hester is bringing to the show are available during the live show (now). We can't guarantee how long they will last, so please make sure that you get your order in quickly!

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SITE NEWS: Vostok-Europe Joins Talk About Watches

Talk About Watches is extremely proud and happy to announce the addition of Vostok-Europe to the collection of brands! Please join us in welcoming them and read more about it in this post. We have some amazing things planned with Vostok-Europe and one of them will be happening almost immediately. Welcome VE!

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