Szanto Mega Flash Sale

When we announced on 04/28/18 that the Szanto watch brand was joining Talk About Watches, they made it abundantly clear that they were not messing around and really wanted to make a splash. To that end, we ran a “mini” Flash Sale on five (5) models of their 500m Deep Dive timepieces. In about 24 hours or less, each and every single one of them were sold out. We are now running a “mega” Flash Sale. A total of 21 different watch models. Of those, 19 of them have a price below $100! All of them use Miyota quartz or automatic movements that everyone is familiar with. We very much appreciate the team at Szanto for taking such an aggressive posture on their pricing and YOU are going to be the ones to benefit the most. We urge you very strongly to get your orders in quickly. All watches have low quantities. Some have very low quantities. At this level of pricing, we don’t expect most of them to last the 3 day limit of the flash sale. Enjoy!

A few years ago, a veteran watchmaker was struck by the beauty and simplicity of military watches from nearly 100 years back, and set out to create a modern watch with the same classic vintage appeal. Szanto’s vintage style watches evoke the feeling of a time gone by, when making top-notch products was the standard. Szanto uses the highest quality workmanship, and stands behind every watch, crafting each one for outstanding fit, finish, and style.  Szanto is an old family name – the Z has been silent for generations – an apt moniker for the century-old design inspiration, and an homage to the those who were first afforded the luxury of checking time with a mere flick of the wrist.

Szanto Flash Sale Timepieces

Talk About Watches

The one very important thing to know about Flash Sales at Talk About Watches is that they only last for a maximum of 3 days (72 hours). Once that limit is reached, we have to terminate the sale. The obvious exception to this is sellout. If a product sells out, then that particular deal is off the table. If you saw the first introductory Flash Sale that we did with Szanto, then you saw every watch we had sell out almost immediately. While we do have significantly more timepieces available now, we do fully expect much the same to happen here once the word gets out. You MUST act quickly! When you see the countdown timer below hit all zeros, then any remaining Szanto timepieces will come off the table!


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