Stuhrling Original “Mechanical” Wall Clock

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Stuhrling Original “Mechanical” Wall Clock

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We do have to add the countdown timer that you see below for the few remaining wall clocks that we have. We have attempted to run this special deal for as long as possible. But we are now to the point where if there are any remaining in stock and the countdown timer hits all zeros, they must come off the table and will not be available for purchase. If you have missed out on yours, please do act quickly.


When we first launched the Stuhrling Original “Mechanical” Wall Clock, it literally just blew up. We went through dozens and dozens of them in a very short time. Then, the secondary effects took over. When people started receiving their orders and saw how nice this wall clock is, they wanted another one (or two). But they were sold out. Now we have them back. A decent amount, but still limited. And, we fully expect to sell them all out this time as well. Don’t wait and don’t hesitate. And, we really recommend that you grab two of them. When you do, you’ll thank us later.

Please note! The use of the word “mechanical” describes the look of the works in the wall clock and the visual smooth sweep of the small seconds. To be very clear, this is a battery powered clock that emulates a skeletonized mechanical movement. Please see the video below for a full review and view of it in operation.

The following video is from one of the Talk About Watches Live shows that time did presenting Stuhrling Original timepieces and this great “mechanical” wall clock. If you have any interest whatsoever in this great wall clock, please do take a quick look at it. Most questions that you have about it will be answered! Very much worth a quick viewing!

Talk About Watches Live Short Show: Stuhrling Original Wall Clock

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Great watch deals. Bought 3 watches this month but will definitely be buying some watches from you guys in the future.