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WatchStar® is proud to create a timepiece collection called Quantico®, home of the legendary Marine Corps combat development command center and the FBI academy. This timepiece contains authentic and original metal from a UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter which is amalgamated into the 316L stainless-steel watchcase. The eye-catching silhouette has facets on the watchcase that evokes a top-secret stealth project. Form is the dominate element, color and detail play an important role, with hour markers on the bezel in the shape of arrowheads, a quartz chronograph movement, carbon fiber dial accents, sub-dials in the shape of helicopter rotors beneath a scratch-resistant AR coated mineral crystal, and a custom diamond-shaped 3D silicon strap with a dual closure clasp and a detailed deep-etched star.

Modified UH-60’s were used during the U.S. Special Forces operation that resulted in the death of Osama bin Laden on May 2, 2011. The 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, which operated the helicopters during the raid, used highly modified versions of the UH-60. These modifications included a section with extra blades on the tail rotor and other additions which significantly lowered noise levels from conventional UH-60s. It also had low-observable technology similar to that of an F-117 that enabled it to evade Pakistan Air Force radars.

MSRP for this chronograph is 995.00, but reserves yours now with full warranty in a luxury presentation box upgrade for JUST 159.00! AND there’s a 6PAY/4PAY option at checkout!

Movement: Chronograph Quartz, 0S10 Miyota, 32,768hz

Functions: Chronograph 1/1 sec. basis (Up to 11 hours 59 min. 59 sec.)  Power cell saving reset mechanism (PSRM)  Overloading compensation device (OLCD) Digital frequency control (DFC) for time adjustment

Watchcase: 316L Stainless-steel amalgamated with original UH-60 Blackhawk metal

Case diameter:48 mm.

Watch Crystal: Chamfered mineral crystal with anti-reflective undercoating. Helicopter ghost image printed on undersurface at 12 position.

Caseback: 316L Stainless-steel, deep-etch, image of Stealth Blackhawk helicopter.

Dial: Oil pressed repeating star dial; open heart with 3D star, heavy brushed 2, 3, 5, 10 numerals, phosphor hour markers and hands.

Water Resistance:5ATM = 50 Meters = 165 Feet.

Bracelet: 22 mm.Customized diamond angled 3D strap.

Closure Clasp: Dual closure clasp, deep-etched star.

Crown: Deep-etch star on crown

Certificate of Authenticity: Each timepiece is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.


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