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This series is inspired by classic WWII warbirds dominant and decisive in the war and presents both a large and impressive look on the wrist. The 48mm case is crafted in 316L steel but with one important addition; each is infused with metal culled from the actual aircraft the piece represents. These wristwatches contain actual “DNA” from an actual warbird; the Spitfire contains real Spitfire, the Zero contains Zero, and so on. This important distinction makes these remarkable watches both unique and immediately collectible.

The fixed bezel is a twelve-sided dodecagon. The detailed oil pressed three-level dial is of particular importance as again the warbird inspiring the piece comes into play. The color is taken from the model of choice. Note the markers; a custom sculpture based on the emblem from the side of the craft. Furthermore, each dial is embossed with a silhouette of the airplane. All lume is Super Luminova.

Now check out the chamfered crystal, crafted from sapphire. It is AR coated to make it especially transparent and furthermore has selected numerals, logo, and writing “ghosted” on the underside so that they appear to float above the dial.

Contained within the complex faceted case is a 33 jewel SY mechanical automatic chronograph movement, pacing at 21600 vph with a 45 hr power reserve. This decorated engine is showcased via the exhibition back with the window, like the dial, decorated with a silhouette of the aircraft represented by the model of choice. It is wound and set via the custom crown featuring the star logo rendered in 3D. Cabochon decorated pushers occupy the traditional two and four o’clock positions.

Presented on vulcanized customized rubber 27mm tapering to 20mm 9” strap featuring deep horizontal lines and contoured to be both ergonomic and seamless with the extended lugs with finish coordinated signed buckle, the finished piece is tested to 100M water resistance. Furthermore each watch ships not only in elaborate packaging but with extensive documentation including hologram certificate of authenticity.

MSRP is 1295.00, but reserve yours now for JUST 399.00, with Buy Now Pay Later options at checkout!

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Current choices are as follows:

  • B17 – Contains “dna” of legendary B17 American bomber. White steel with rich dark blue dial.
  • Dornier – Contains “dna” of German Dornier fighter. Steel finished in yellow gold, with white and black colors featured.
  • Hurricane – Contains “dna” of British Hawker Hurricane fighter. Steel is finished in yellow bold, with dark mint, red, and white colors featured.
  • Messerschmidtt – Contains “dna” of German Messerschmidtt fighter. Steel is finished in black with charcoal, white, and black colors featured.
  • P51 – Contains “dna” of American P51 Mustang fighter. Steel is finished in yellow gold with royal blue, red, and white colors featured.
  • Spitfire – Contains “dna” of British Spitfire fighter that participated in the Battle of Britain. Steel is finished in rose gold with rich dark green, red, white, and mint colors featured.
  • Sturmovik – Contains “dna” of Russian Ilyushin Sturmovik fighter. Steel is finished in rose gold with rich red and white colors featured.
  • Zero – Contains “dna” of Japanese Zero fighter. White steel with bright red and white colors featured.


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