All XOSkeleton

XOSkeleton is the definition of the phrase “art that you wear”. Originally developed by a brilliant mind with a background in creating and modifying tech for the aerospace and luxury automotive industries, each of these complex builds is finished by hand. The brand quickly became renown for unusually complex designs crafted from individually finished custom components, up to and including the signature framework of the Superlative Star that suspends stones so that they “float” in their secure settings, allowing for maximum light play. Given the obvious complexity of the demanding designs, XOS has often been referred to by others in the industry as a brand charging too little for their work. Over the years they have developed one of the most fervent followings of any luxury brand, especially for the builds falling in the Gen I and Gen II categories. We are thrilled to carry these utterly original pieces, and to further share that all those presented here are either directly from the Gen I or II, or in the case of the new and exciting Superlative Star releases directly predicated on the original multi-piece designs.