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Stuhrling Original was born from the observation that interesting watches were often out of the reach of most.

Luxury concepts were simply priced out of the realm for working class people. If one were not a renowned business owner or celebrated doctor, luxury wristwear was unheard of. Stührling s founder classified the luxury watch arena as a “rich man’s game lacking a poor man’s heart.” Combining his business determination with his fascination for horology, he fashioned a thriving business model that has experienced success for the better part of two decades.

Watch prices seemed over-inflated due to flashy sponsorships of celebrity and athlete ambassadors. As new endorsements rolled in, retail watch pricing continued to rise. Inspired by the design of these luxury timepieces, yet disheartened at the thought of consumers paying astronomical prices for marketing fluff, he decided to construct a company that imbued the ethos of affordability, where luxury watches were not limited to distinguished captains of industry.

Every person should have the opportunity to own a luxury wristwatch regardless of social status or economic class. Following fourteen months of intense searching, Stührling found a home in a factory of their own. In its first year, Stührling sold 22,386 watches, all for an affordable and sensible price. In 2017 they will ship over one million.