All Ralf Tech Watches

RALF TECH was founded in 2005 by a member of France’s elite special forces and has since completely devoted itself to creating timepieces with a strong DNA and distinctive character which are accurate, reliable and nearly indestructible – perfect for professional scuba diving and extreme adventures.

Over the years RALF TECH’s reputation for unparalleled durability and accuracy has earned it the right to supply timepieces to elite special forces teams of the world’s most advanced militaries including France, Swtizerland, the United Kingdom and Singapore. Only recently has the company begun making its products available to the general public.

RALF TECH watches are available in three distinct collections: WRX, WRV and Manufacture Limited Editions.

WRX: the X stands for EXTREME. This collection is made for the adventurers, the risk-takers and the renegades. WRX watches have domed sapphire crystals almost 6mm thick and cases almost a centimeter thick at their widest points, they can dive to depths of 1000 meters where not even sunlight can penetrate.

WRV: the V stands for Vintage. This collection’s aesthetic can best be described as 1970’s chic, each watch in the collection walks a fine line between brutish masculinity and urbane sophistication.

The Manufacture Limited Edition collection is the place where, once per year, RALF TECH flexes its muscles and reaches for the stars with watches that have distinctive design, exceptional craftsmanship and extremely limited hand production.