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Beads By Gonzo (BBG) is increasingly regarded as a go-to brands for luxury bead work, and the only brand that we know of custom building a bracelet to match a specific watch/team/school/corporate logo, etc..  all the while keeping the finished work accessible.  The artist, Mark, nicknamed Gonzo, began his work out of a sense of frustration. A watch guy from early on, he wished to accessorize his collection with matching jewelry only to find that the sources were expensive and never custom and so never perfectly matching. So he set out to solve the problem by doing it himself. Other collectors began to inquire as to what he was wearing, how perfectly it matched and where could they get one too. And as the stellar reputation for both artistry and quality spread in custom builds for both men and women, Beads By Gonzo was born. Now matter the level you choose for beading you will get a custom build wrought to your specs, and choose from many hundreds of bead options resulting in millions of possible combinations! Never settle for approximate when custom and superior quality are so readily accessible via BBG and TAW!