PRE-BASEL 2018: Invicta Not Attending Baselworld This Year? (UPDATE – CONFIRMED!)

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Invicta Not Attending Baselworld This Year?

In reporting on this news item, we do want to be very, very clear that this is a sharing of information that we have at this time concerning Invicta and other brands that are under the Invicta umbrella (Technomarine, Glycine, S. Coifman, etc.). We have reached out to multiple contacts at Invicta for comment and of verification. At the time of publishing this, there has been no response. Should there be one once this is published, we will immediately update this post with that additional information. Lastly, it should be made very clear that not attending the Baselworld show is not necessarily a negative thing. We will comment on that further below with additional information that you may not be aware of.

Just as a quick update, we did want to let those interested know that we did hear back from a contact at Invicta and they were able to confirm that Invicta will NOT be at Basleworld this year. While wishing to remain anonymous, they were able to also indicate that this was a “surprise” to others as well as they were just recently informed of the decision. No information as to why this decision was made was provided to them. We will continue to provide updates as we are able to get them.

For those that may not be aware, Tim and Michael are attending Baselworld again this year. They will be reporting newsworthy items while there as well as looking for new brands to bring into the Talk About Watches family of brands, meeting with the brands that are a part of the family of brands and, of course, catching up with friends from all over the world in the watch industry. As a part of double checking booth locations and seeing who is going to be at the show this year, it was noticed that Invicta and none of the Invicta related brands were showing up in database of brand exhibitors. Shown below are screenshots of the results that we came up with:

If you are thinking, as we did originally, that there could be an issue with the database and that all four (4) of the brands that we were searching for were simply an anomaly, we did do multiple searches for other brands that we knew for sure would be at Baselworld. Additionally, readers should also be aware that the search functionality uses a “predictive” method. Meaning, once you have typed in enough of the search term, they show you the results for that. So, in the case of typing in “Rol” and also “rol” (to ensure that lowercase works as well), nine (9) brands are immediately shown, including Rolex. Listed below are the results of some of the other searches that we performed on the aforementioned brands that we know are presenting at the show.


Neither of the brands shown in the screenshot below have any relation to this topic and are just being used for illustrative purposes!

Additional Information

In an effort to find out more, we did check the Invicta, Glycine and Technomarine websites to see if they make any reference at all to the Baselworld 2018 show and their participation. Screenshots showing the initial results are listed below.

As shown in the screenshot above, the only references to Baselworld that we were able to locate were for the Baselworld 2017 show where they were presenting. No references were found in our searching for Baselworld 2018.

In searching the Invicta website, we found no published references to Baselworld and, as the screenshot above shows, doing a search returned no results. To be clear, NOT having a reference on the site is not “proof positive” of attending or not attending.

In checking the Technomarine website, no references to Baselworld at all were found and doing a search, as the screenshot above shows, searching for the topic returned no results. As stated above, a lack of information on the site concerning Baselworld is NOT necessarily an indication of attending the show or not.

The information above are the “facts” as we know them. As we indicated, we have reached out to multiple contacts at Invicta in an effort to confirm whether the brand(s) will be at Baselworld this year. We have not received a response as of yet. And, if we do, we will update this post with that information. There are other things that should be brought up and we will do so below under this banner of “commentary” to separate it out from the above.

  • The most important thing to point out on this topic is that not presenting or being present at Baselworld is NOT necessarily a negative thing! If, in fact, Invicta (and related brands) are not at the show this year, we do not currently have any reason as to why. What we can tell you is that to be at the show is very expensive. In the case of Invicta, they are in Hall 1 (the most expensive of the “real estate” at the show). And, they have a two story, approximate 420 square meter “pavilion” for just the Invicta brand. This had to be designed, purchased, stored, shipped to the show, built on-site, broken down on-site, shipped again and stored until the next year. This does not include Technomarine nor Glycine. This is extremely expensive.
  • Recently, Talk About Watches has reported on two (2) similar topics that might be involved here. First is an article by Tim Temple on the declining popularity of watch [trade] shows (not just Baselworld. It is worth a read or a refresher if needed. Second, Michael reported on major changes to the Baselworld show itself (beginning in 2018). Again, we have no current information that this directly applies to Invicta. But, if it is true that Invicta is not presenting this year, it is an interesting parallel.
  • If you speak to “those in the know”, they will tell you that the need for shows such as Baselworld are really not necessary in the highly technological world that we now live in. Our friend Craig Hester (a multi-year vetern of not only Baselworld, but shows all over the world) has told us that for him and the brands that he represents, the show is an opportunity to get “face time” with distributors and/or brands that he works with and not so much about signing new business. Additionally, when you get to high-end brands like Rolex, Patek, etc., it is more a status statement as opposed to getting new business or signing new business.

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