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Join Tim Temple as he brings you some incredible and truly once in a lifetime pricing on Clarus, Astrum and Quadrum II Jean Marcel Swiss Made timepeices. Each item offered is VERY limited in quantity and is also and absolutely amazing Swiss Made Limited Edition custom automatic that is adjusted to six (6) positions. This is the lowest pricing that you are going to find on these extra fine timepieces. If you have been considering a Jean Marcel, NOW is the time to make it happen!

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Talk About Watches Live: Jean Marcel 100th Anniversary Celebration

PLEASE NOTE: If you see an image above that says “Video Coming Soon…”, that means that we are still in the process of getting the live show replay loaded to the cloud so that we can present it for you here. Please be patient as we are working to make that happen as quickly as possible. Any products with remaining quantities will be listed below for you to review and purchase.

Products From The Live Show

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Please do note that due to the heavily discounted pricing of the timepieces that were in the live show, the pricing on them can only be held for a short period of time and we due urge you to act quickly before they sell out or we are forced to remove the discounted pricing. We cannot guarantee how long these items will remain available at this price.

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The Talk About Watches staff is made up of a diverse group of dedicated watch collectors and enthusiasts with a wide ranging set of skills and interests in horology. They work hard with both Tim and Michael to bring you the most informative and in-depth information from within the watch industry and always attempt to embody the spirit of "Entertain ~ Educate ~ Inform".

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Joe larosa

Trying to get the 2nd watch it was710 but I don’t get the website to pay for it now you have the bilk snowwman but I can’t get anyone

Richard Kalina

This is Rick Kalina of Jean Marcel. If you want the Snowman, let Tim know and he’ll get ahold of me and give me the model# etc. If anyone can get 1 for you, it’s me. I always try to please a Jean MARCEL COLLECTOR. the discussion

Richard Kalina

Joe, Contact Tim at T.A.W. and let him know the model you want and he’ll get to me. I’ll do a SPECIAl and you should be able to get the one you want. I always take care of a Jean Marcel Global Collector. Rick Kalina, President, Jean Marcel Pure Swiss Timepieces

Alan L Director
Hey Tim, it’s Alan Director. I know you don’t remember me but Rick will. We have talked on the phone several times about watches but not lately . For your viewers to completely understand how unbelievable these prices are, I bought a brown dial Clarus with the Stingray band years ago and it cost over 1,000.00 then. The prices tonight are out of this world. Rick if you want to talk again my phone is 504-909-0153. Tim I used to be in the high end Jewelry business and Rick and I would talk about the good old days . To… Read more »