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When it comes to the Talk About Watches website, content is really our life blood. Within the watch industry, things are literally changing every day. Trying to keep up with it all is a daunting task. Therefore, we are looking for anyone that would like to join our team and help us with this. If you need a little inspiration or direction, here are a few things to consider:

  • Watch industry news articles
  • New watch releases
  • Featured information/commentary style articles
  • Watch reviews
  • Video watch reviews
  • Watch accessory reviews

The list of possibilities is huge and is really only limited by your imagination and capabilities to deliver something unique on an ongoing basis. Do not be limited by what you see in the list above. That is not, in any way, to be considered all inclusive.

If you are a little more “established” and are interested in a “guest post” opportunity, we would be happy to consider it and address such an opportunity with you as well.

To be very clear, this is an unpaid position. This is your opportunity to have some fun with your hobby. Or, maybe, it is your opportunity to get a foothold in the industry and get a side hustle started and noticed. However, if you have a way to monetize your participation and content creation, then we would love to discuss that opportunity as well.

Stand Out From The Crowd!

We are looking for someone to stand out and be different. We are not looking for you to pitch us. That’s great if you have an innovative idea. Show it to us! Have something in place that we can look at and evaluate. We are more than happy to help you flesh out your proposal. Tune it. Tweak it. Refine it. However, we are not in a position to help you develop it from the ground up. It is just a matter of time and priorities that we already have in place. Our expectation is that if you have the interest, you can take the necessary steps to produce something something tangible that we can work with.

If you have not read about our philosophy of entertain, educate and inform, then you should. That should be taken into consideration and implemented in everything that you do in relation to content creation for Talk About Watches. Please do take that as a very strong suggestion.

So What Are You Waiting On?

Really. What are you waiting on? The worst that can happy is that we say “no”. It doesn’t hurt. It doesn’t cost anything. Most people never take that first important step to make something happen. This is your chance to do that. Use the contact form below to reach out to and let us know how you think you can contribute. Just make sure to include how we can access your work sample for evaluation.

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