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Watch magazines. It might surprise some to know that there are a number of them that are available in print format, digital format and both formats. In this series we are going to take a look at all of the ones that we know about so that we can share this information with you as well as add some personal commentary where appropriate. In this particular instance, do make sure you at least scroll towards the bottom of this article as we have a special offer for you as well!

In the spirit of full disclosure and complete transparency, I do want to be full up front with you and let you all know that both Tim and I are personal friends of the owner and publisher of AboutTime Magazine, Gary Girdvainis. Combined, as of this year, Tim and I have been to Baselworld and JCK a combined 25 times. During most of those visits, we have spent a considerable amount of time with Gary. We have broken bread together. We have had adult beverages together. I am starting this series with Gary’s publications because he and his team have been totally supportive of Talk About Watches since its inception. And also, to be clear, because he and his team also put out a damn good set of publications that will be of interest to all watch geeks.

AboutTime Magazine

AboutTime is published four (4) times per year and the subscription cost is $25.00 per year. When it comes to the world of watch magazines, Gary has a uniquely interesting concept with AboutTime. First, the magazine deals strictly with watches (and their associated brands) that cost under $3,000. This price point was selected because Gary felt that there was a whole segment of watches that were, in large part, being ignored in other watch magazines. A sentiment that I very much agree with. Sure, it’s great if you can afford to have a Patek or Mille on the wrist. I can’t and, short of winning the Power Ball, never will. But, I do like reading about them and seeing those level of luxury timepieces (and Gary has you covered there as well, just keep reading!). AboutTime is designed and publish specifically to not only cover the watches at the price point that I can afford and wear, but also exposes to me brands within that price point that I might not be aware of. Is this a watch magazine that will be all things to all watch geeks? No, it won’t. But for those that are buying mainly more “affordably priced” timepieces, AboutTime is a must read.

The second unique concept concerning AboutTime is directly related to their byline. Specifically, “function and fashion for the wrist”. To bring this concept and byline to life, each edition of AboutTime has two different covers and content that supports function and fashion. One cover (and the content) is dedicated to “function”. Dive watches, tool watches. Analog, digital and more. Flip your copy of AboutTime over and you get another cover dedicated to “fashion”. As Gary says, “a fashion forward approach to cultivate a stylistic interpretation of the wristwatch itself”. A truly unique concept not seen in other watch magazines as well as one that brings both sides of the affordable watch together in a way that really does uniquely work for the reader.

The image above is an example of content from the current issue of AboutTime. Many of you will recognize my good friend Igor Zubovskij, the Managing Director of Vostok Europe. It is a great indepth article on a very popular brand that operates well within a $3,000 price point that AboutTime covers. And, from a personal standpoint, it’s great to see a truly good guy in the watch industry get a bit of the spotlight that he and the brand both deserve.

TAW Approved – Our Highest Rating

When it comes to reviews or any sort of product mentions or spotlights in articles, you might see the “furnace blue and orange” image. That is how we identify those products or items that have the highest possible recommendation we can make. It is our way of telling you that, in our opinion, you should spend your hard earned money to get it. When it comes to AboutTime, this is most certainly true. A $25 subscription is a drop in the bucket nowadays. For any watch geek interested in the more affordable watch market, AboutTime is a must have!

Gary Girdvainis

Owner/Publisher – Isochron Media, LLC
Gary Girdvainis is a watch guy’s watch guy and an icon in the wristwatch publishing world. A four year stint at Robb Report would lead to PMG, Inc. of Stamford, CT: the publishers of Ferrari World Magazine, Italian Cars, Sports & Classic, as well as hardcover books on similar exotic automotive themes. A team project there resulted in the North American edition of International Wristwatch, a magazine originally founded as a bi-monthly with 72-80 pages per issue but would evolve into “iW” and grew into the only monthly magazine covering watches with page counts ranging from 160-256 per issue.

Following that success, Gary launched Isochron Media, LLC with the purpose of publishing WristWatch Magazine (for the high-end watch collector) as well as AboutTime Magazine (focused on more “popular” priced watches). As of January 2017 his company acquired iW as well as the newly developed web site and social media platforms and then moved forward with iW and AboutTime as quarterly print/digital publications. Each with an annual edition as a fifth publication.

Many of you will have heard me say this before. However, it is well worth repeating it again here as it does directly apply. Within the watch industry, the majority of the people that you will meet are people just looking to make a living working in the industry. Then, you have the minority of folks that are real watch geeks and just so happen to be lucky enough to be able to make a living in the watch industry. And, when you meet those folks or the real watch geeks, they are easy to recognize and identify. I can tell you this. Gary and his team are the real deal watch geeks. Gary himself has been writing about and reporting on watches and the watch industry at large for the better part of 25 years. Not only that, he and his team are at and reporting on every industry watch event that you can imagine. Baselworld, JCK, Hong Kong, SIHH and more. The passion that he and his team brings to the table is readily apparent in their work. And when you combine that with being plugged in to the industry insiders like he and his team are, it is a combination that results in writing and reporting that you should be following with each publication of AboutTime.

Just to prove what a great guy Gary Girdvainis and the entire team behind AboutTime Magazine is, they have put together a great little deal for all of you Watch Geeks out there. Starting now, anyone who purchases a watch through the Talk About Watches store will receive, free of charge, the next two (2) print editions of AboutTime Magazine! There is nothing that you need to do. When you make a purchase of a watch, we will ensure that AboutTime Magazine gets your information and the two free print editions will be made available to you. So, you’ll get a great deal on a fantastic timepiece as well as two (2) free print editions of what Tim and I think is the absolute best in the watch magazines category. Especially when it comes to the more budget friendly and affordable timepieces that most of us buy and collect.

A word of warning however! We cannot tell you when this deal is going to end. Right now it is a little open ended. When Gary says we need to end it, we will. So, just do be prepared that it may not be available to you if you wait too long in making a purchase. Regardless, I know I speak for everyone here at and on Talk About Watches when I say, “Thanks Gary!”.

Where To Get Your Read On

AboutTime is available in print and digital editions. If you’d like to have a quick look at it before subscribing, you can do so at the Isochron Media website. While there, you can also subscribe to the publication. You may be wondering why subscribe to the print editions when the digital editions are available. Technically, you don’t have to. However, in getting the print editions, you have them and the information that they contain in your hands and always readily available to you. The digital editions that are available are only the current editions. When the next edition comes out, it replaces the ones available online. For many watch geeks like myself, having that information available when I want or need to go back to it is well worth the small price for an annual subscription. Plus, quite honestly, you’ll be helping to sustain some of the good guys in the industry and the fine work that they do.

Too Long? Didn’t Read? No worries, we have you covered!

Gary Girdvainis (the owner and publisher of both AboutTime) is a good friend of both Tim and Michael. In addition to that, he and his team have been enthusiastic supporters of Talk About Watches since day one. AboutTime covers the very often overlooked more budget friendly watches priced at under $3,000. It fully covers the form and functionality of many brands that you’ll be familiar with and will also introduce you to many new brands to consider. AboutTime has received our TAW Approved rating.