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In our experience, Germany is at times overlooked in the watch discussion when, in fact, they make some of the world’s best (A. Lange or Chronoswiss, anyone?). We’re of course not saying those companies are related to this deal. But they, among others, certainly speak to the legacy of beautiful German watchmaking. Now, Rüdiger, a rising star in the watch world, pays homage to Germany’s illustrious watchmaking heritage with a collection of exceptional timepieces that showcase German style and quality. This timepiece is built of surgical grade 316L stainless steel, with the “TV” retro style case measuring 44mm x 11mm and the bracelet 23mm. A sculpted mineral crystal protects the beautifully navigable dial with offset seconds, driven by the Miyota 1L-45 precision quartz movement. The finished timepiece is tested to 10 ATM water resistance. The MSRP is $549.00. But the Talk About Watches flash offer is just $99.00, shipping included! That’s over 80% off on an opportunity buy of German excellence. As with all flash offers, when quantity or time limit is reached, the deal is gone. So please act quickly!

We want you to have this Rudiger Siegen on your wrist. Really we do! We negotiated the absolute best deal that we could on the three (3) most popular models of the Siegen. However, in doing so, we can only offer this deal as a Flash Sale to you for 3 days. Once that time limit is reach or if any of the Siegen models sell out, then the deal is over, off the table and you are going to go have to find a different deal to take advantage of. Save the time, energy and frustration and just pick yours up as quickly as possible!


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