FLASH SALE: Deep Blue Deep Star 1000 AND Beads By Gonzo (BBG) Now Live!

The First TAW Flash Sale Is Live!

Talk About Watches

The time has come! The first of what will be many ongoing Talk About Watches Flash Sales in now LIVE! If you have not seen earlier announcements on these new flash sales, please do take a moment to watch the short video below.

Deep Blue Flash Sales Coming Next Week!

There’s the typical “flash sale” and then there’s the Talk About Watches Flash Sale! The difference is, TAW will make the sparks fly! We NEVER pick a random watch off the rack from “wherever”. Instead, only brands and sources we know and verify are offered to you. Meaning a great product with a rock solid warranty. And because Talk About Watches is built from the ground up to be efficient, the prices will be razor sharp! Bringing the Talk About Watches customers fantastic savings on beautiful watches and accessories. All flashes will last for a very short time and when the selected item sells out (as is usually going to be the case) the deal is gone. So when you see the sparks, act quickly! This deal will be over once the counter below hits zero!



The star of our inaugural flash sale is the Deep Blue Deep Star 1000!  If you are looking for a deal, NOW is the time to act!

Deep Star 1000 Automatic


If you see “SOLD OUT” on the image above, it is only for that color of watch, NOT for the entire offering! Watches ARE still available, but colors are selling out as we predicted they would.

Beads By Gonzo (BBG) Custom Matching Bracelet

In an effort to make the first ever Talk About Watches Flash Sale as special as possible, Mark (aka Gonzo) from Beads By Gonzo stepped up to the plate and not only said that he would make matching custom design bracelets specifically for the Deep Blue Deep Star 1000, but that he would also do it at the lowest price he has ever offered! Want the bracelet and the watch? Great! A perfect combo. Want just the bracelet to go with the watch you already own? That is perfect as well! Either way, you receive a fantastic deal on one (or more!) of Gonzo’s incredible custom bracelets at a price that will never go lower.


Tim and Michael offered the new TAW Swag as a package deal when the site first launched with the notice that these deals would not last forever and would expire. Now is that time. At the end of this flash sale (in 3 days), this package deal is coming off of the table. To give you a little extra incentive and match the theme of the flash sale, we are giving you the opportunity to get a TAW Swag hat, tee and polo for one low price and free shipping. AND, you can now get it at an additional $5.00 off of the already discounted price!

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