Exotic 20 Watch Display Box

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Exotic 20 Watch Display Box

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One of the most important objects a watch collector can have is a real watch box. It helps keep your collection healthy like no other method can short of storing each watch in the box it came in. That just isn’t practical. This watch box isn’t just nice; it’s extraordinary! Many of us have luxury watch collections that are important to us. Now take care of them properly via a huge deal on one of the nicest luxury watch boxes we’ve encountered. Measuring 18.25 x 9.75 x 8, this all wood construction weighs in at over 11 lbs. The padded base makes this show piece safe for the finest of furniture. The soft leatherette interior is color matched and design to protect your collection from scratches and scars while organizing them properly. Two levels of ten slots each total out 20 watches. And note that each slot handles a watch UP TO 62MM! And check this out; rotate the pillow 90 degrees and you can safely store 70mm! But the real showcase is the exterior.

Not one, but FIVE genuine exotic veneers are used! Ebony, burl, ice wood, lace wood, and rosewood make up all five sides of the box. This means that while your box will resemble the one illustrated your will invariably be unique! And check this out; they are placed in parallel but with freeform edge so it looks like the exotic woods patterns exist from some sort of magic brush! We’ve never seen this done before, and most certainly at this kind of a price break. And there’s more; send in the included card and you’ll get a custom engraved plaque included with this offer.

We’ve been authorized to offer a SET OF TWO! 40 watches stored properly in showcase luxury. This set retails for $1050.00, but through TAW you can reserve yours now for just $399.00, SHIPPING INCLUDED. The shipping is especially important as the weight is north of 25 lbs! One is available for $279.00, also with shipping included. Most watch fans aspire to owning a luxury box; it’s prestige while maintaining your watch collection organized and in great condition. Here’s a major price break on a set of some of most exciting we’ve seen.

The following video is an unboxing and quick walk through of this absolutely incredible 20 watch collector box that Tim did. Seeing the images is one thing. But seeing the amazing implementation of the 5 exotic woods used in the construction in the HD video really helps to see how visually stunning this is. Please do take a quick moment and have a look!

Talk About Watches: Exotic 5 Wood 20 Watch Collector Box

I absolutely love this exotic wood 20 watch collector box! From a visual standpoint, the use of the ebony, burl, ice wood, lace wood, and rosewood is not only unique in such a piece, but the implementation of them into the finished piece is as well. With the different color tones and patterns of these 5 exotic woods, there is virtually no place that you cannot use this collector box to store and show off the the top level timepieces in your collection.

As many of you reading this know, I have a very large collection of timepieces. And, like many of you, some of them are high end pieces that I prize greatly and will never get rid of them. A 20 watch collector box such as this is the perfect way to store them, show them off and, maybe most importantly, protect them. If you are like me and have had one of your personal grail worthy timepieces damaged due to a lack of protection coming from not storing them correctly, then this is something that needs to be at the top of your list of next purchases.

From a price and value standpoiint, this exotic wood 20 watch collector box is just through the roof. If you have ever priced out a really nice collector box, then you know exactly what I mean. Much like quality watch winders, accessories such at this usually do break the bank and are, for most people, completely priced out of consideration. In this case, the price of a single 20 watch box is about the price of a quality mid-range quartz or entry level automatic. This is, in my opinion, an easy investment to make. For just a bit more in price, you can get two (2) of these amazing boxes. Many of you, like me, have a collection now that will support the need for a pair of these. If you are newer to watch collecting, you will soon. Make the investment now and secure at least one of these while you are able to get such value on them. Additionally, think of that special person in your life that is also a watch collector. Want to give them THE gift of a lifetime when it comes to watch collecting? Get one of these for them and that next birthday or holiday and just watch them light up when they see it!

For me, this is a must have purchase as an accessory and an essential part of your watch collection that will be of service to you for many years to come in a number of ways.

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Gordon Combs

Very nice, but what I need are winders for my seven automatic watches that won’t break down within a year. Even my Wolf winders have stopped working. This is a common complaint when I search for watch winders online. I would definitely appreciate it if y’all could offer a winder that has a good history of not stopping.