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Musings From The Studio - Tim Temple - Talk About Watches

Musings From The Studio

As I sit in my studio, I find it hard to fathom that I now not only use it to create music, but now blog posts, video, live streaming web broadcasts and the beginning of what we very much hope will the "the watch show you've always wanted". Come my fellow Watch Geeks! Sit. Relax. Listen to the muse!

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Are Watch Trade Fairs Fading?

The trends lately for almost all of the major watch fairs (think Baselworld, JCK, Hong Kong, etc.) have been down. Why is this? Are they fading and on their way out entirely? Tim Temple takes you through the current state of affairs and explores various causes as to what we are seeing in the industry.

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Travel To Baselworld - Lessons Learned and Advice (Part I)

Travel to any foreign country can be fraught with traps and pitfalls. But, travel to the Baselworld show in Switzerland even more so due to the nature of it being a worldwide or global event. Being prepared and having the knowledge going into it can be a huge time saver that is sure to lower your stress levels and make for a much more enjoyable event.

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