Mike Says

Welcome To My Interwebs!

The entire "Talk About Watches" process, and especially this website, have been a very long and ongoing (and sometimes painful) labor of love for me. I am excited beyond belief now that it is launched. Please do have a look here and see what I have in store for my own little area for the interwebs. I'd love to get your feedback and see what's on your mind as well as what you are looking to be covered here.

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Q&A – Why Are Watch Hands Set To 10:10 In Ads?

Have you ever wondered why it is that almost every watch in an ad has the hands set to "10:10"? Have you heard the myths around this topic? Even if you are a most seasoned watch geek, I will address this and possibly even present information you might not be aware of about Chinese numerological superstitions and date settings on the watch, how 10:10 was not always the time used (and why it was changed) and even managed to work in the obligatory "Mad Men" reference!

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Beta Testers Wanted: Help Us Select Our Streaming Platform

Now that the website is up and running, we need to turn much of our attention to the live streaming or show part of the Talk About Watches equation. We want to "crowdsource" this effort and make sure that the final solution that we choose works for as many of you as possible. To do that, we are looking for volunteers that can act as our beta testers as we decide which platform and technology we will be using moving forward. Can you help?

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PRICE ALERT: Renato Master Horologe Martin Braun Moonphase

This is your first, last and final notice that in approximately 24 hours the price of the remaining Renato Master Horologe Martin Braun Moonphase timepieces are going up! They are Swiss Made and custom modified (by Martin Braun himself!). Brand new in the box and an amazing opportunity to get a real grail piece into your collection! Read more and act quickly!

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UPDATE - ISSUE CORRECTED! It has come to our attention that some (or potentially all) mobile users are having issues with being able to access the site menu when using either a phone or tablet. If you are experiencing this issue, please read this as we do have a workaround for you as we are getting this issue corrected as soon as possible.

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Talk About Watches

We Are Live!

WE ARE LIVE! Months and months of hard work have finally culminiated in the launch of the Talk About Watches website! Please read this post to see what Tim and Michael have planned as well as be shown some of the great features of this site. We have many things coming and we want to fully set your expectations.

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Get Your Read On Part I: AboutTime Magazine

There are a number of magazines available now that are dedicated strictly to watches. Most are print magazines. Some are online magazines. Some are both. In this series dedicated to "Getting Your Read On", we are going to outlines all of the ones that we know about and give you our opinions on each. Hopefully, we will make you aware of some that you can use to further enjoy this crazy hobby that we all enjoy.

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