In late 2016 a team came together with a common goal; to create the first 21st century shopping network. The catalyst for this partnership was the realization that current networks, also known as the video retail industry, is still mired in 20th century hardware and techniques. Examples of this include the constructing and maintaining of studio spaces filled with expensive cameras, lighting and associated hardware, huge expanses of copper cable plus the cost of crew and maintenance of the extensive gear. Then there is the cost of layers of management and staff as well as the overhead of paying for cable and satellite carriage.


The TalkAboutWatches team is to our knowledge the first to truly embrace the opportunity of 21st century technology and in so doing eliminates the huge overhead historically associated with the industry. The result is a lean and mean production in high definition broadcast delivered directly to the device of choice; smart tv, tablet or smartphone. Expert guests and brand owners appear live on the show via webcast from around the globe. A state of the art website serves your needs 24/7/365 and includes numerous informational sources as well as product galleries. If you miss the show in real time then browse Video On Demand at your convenience; when you see the product you want a tap or two of the screen may be all you need ; no more holding on a phone line. The product ships faster and often at lower prices, all backed by efficient stateside customer service.

It is our hope that you will join us on our adventure as we strive to provide the true premiere watch and watch accessories shopping experience. We welcome your suggestions and feedback. Together, let’s shatter convention.