Monthly Archives: July 2017

Talk About Watches Launch Show

This is a replay of the live launch show of Talk About Watches that was done on Friday, 05/12/17. Using a new platform, it ended up letting us down and caused a tremendous amount of issues for not only us, but for everyone that was attempting to watch the show. Fortunately, we were able to get things going and hundreds of fans hung out with us for OVER four (4) hours! Again, the streaming platform let us down and only captured the first two of them. But check it out and the special deal that was offered to those that hung in there with us!

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The Hotness Picks Joins Talk About Watches - Start Here To Learn All You Need!

The Hotness Picks has joined the Talk About Watches team! We are extremely excited about being able to combine forces and bring you some incredible daily deals that are absolutely going to blow your mind! Please do have a look here and learn everything that you need to so that you don't miss out on a single opportunity as we get ready to kick this off for you.

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